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The history of
Red Reaper Pepper Company

The year was 2020.  Life was good for David and his wife Cindy.  Cindy had finally beaten cancer,(hopefully forever), and David had a good job with a French company managing calibrations in the shop.

Well, it just so happens, David had picked up a new hobby, (other than riding his Harley and 4 wheelin in the Jeep with Cindy.)  He had received a Carolina Reaper pepper plant from a co-worker a few months back and that single plant was just the beginning. 

With that one plant, and a few more seeds from Ed “Smokin” Currie, the inventor of the Carolina Reaper pepper, (the current world record holder for the hottest pepper in the world), David started growing pepper plants.

He soon outgrew his little plant shed and had to put in a greenhouse.

It wasn’t long before he had more peppers than he could use. 

So he started making things like salsa and jerky with all the peppers he had.  Made a little extra money selling these and plants.  Made more than enough to pay for the greenhouse, the automated watering system and the temperature controlled environment in it. It was a hobby that was actually starting to make some money.

Then in 2020 when COVID hit, David was laid off mid year and prospects didn’t look good. At his age, he was thinking he was going to be moping floors just to make ends meet.

Then he and Cindy decided to take the leap.  Start moving forward with setting up a company and trying to make it by bringing his hobby into the realm of a real business.

So he took the best picture of one if his peppers and Red Reaper Pepper Company was born!

David did some custom artwork on the Jeep and took his new company car and his limited product line on the road.

He started small by selling just his jerky in a few local bars.  And they were selling extremely well.

His customers liked the jerky so much, some of them started asking about selling just the marinade.  

It’s now one of his biggest sellers. The salsa also sells good but more from regular customers since he’s not selling it in bars.

Between the jerky, the marinade, and the salsa, life has once again started looking up for David and Cindy. 

It’s now time to start growing the business.

And these products are just the beginning!

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