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Red Reaper Salsa

Introducing the Red Reaper salsa, now available in three tantalizing heat levels: Mild, Medium, and F'n HOT, catering to every spice preference. This uniquely flavored salsa features the fiery Carolina Reaper peppers, invented by Ed “Smokin” Currie, is the current world record holder as the hottest pepper in the world.  It is carefully crafted to offer a taste experience that suits your desired level of heat.

Available in two convenient package sizes: 1.2oz and 8oz. 

Whether you opt for Mild, Medium, or F'n HOT, each jar is meticulously crafted to ensure the flavors are blended to perfection, providing a uniquely flavored salsa that showcases the extraordinary heat and taste of the Carolina Reaper peppers.


Experience the Red Reaper Salsa today and embark on a journey of flavor and spice that suits your individual preferences, available in Mild, Medium, and F'n HOT varieties, and conveniently packaged in 8oz and 12oz jars. Get ready to elevate your salsa game and unleash your inner spice connoisseur.

Red Reaper jerky is available in 3 different variations:


Indulge in the Mild version that is just the savory flavors of the Red Reaper salsa without the heat associated with the Carolina Reaper peppers. This option is perfect for those who prefer a mild, but deliciously unique flavor profile of the Red Reaper salsa.

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