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A Personal Message from David

Thank you for coming to my site.  This is something I was kinda talked into by my friends and family because everybody that tries the jerky and salsa I've come up with thinks I have something that people will buy.  It's because of them and the support of my wife Cindy that I'm taking on this huge responsibility this late in life.  

Most people strive to retire so they can relax.  Looks like I'm striving to retire so I can go to work!  

Ok, enough about me.  Check out my promo below and if nothing else, let me know what you think about my website!

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Introducing the
Red Reaper Pepper Company
Website Launch Promotion


Today marks a significant milestone for me and Red Reaper Pepper Company. After receiving positive feedback on my products and conducting market research by selling in local bars for over a year, I am thrilled to announce the official launch of my website. At Red Reaper Pepper Company, almost all the products are crafted using Carolina Reaper peppers, the current record holder for the world's hottest pepper.

To kick off this exciting venture, I am starting with three exceptional products, with many more in the pipeline. By far, the most popular item is the Red Reaper Jerky, available in three heat levels to cater to everyone's preferences.


Mild: Indulge in the unique and flavorful richness of the marinade as well as the great flavor and tenderness of sirloin beef, without the added heat of peppers.

Medium: Experience the taste of the wonderful flavor of the marinade just before you start to feel the warm to hot sensation, depending on your personal tolerance for spiciness. It's challenging to work with these peppers and not make it hot.

F'n HOT: This variety contains over four times the amount of peppers found in the medium jerky. Prepare yourself for an intense flavor experience as the heat gradually creeps up. While most people find this jerky extremely hot, pepper heads consider it just hot.

If you're a true pepper head seeking something even hotter, I have a special option available that might just qualify as a jerky challenge. If you're interested, please reach out to me directly as it won't be featured on the website just yet and it's a very limited production item.

To my surprise, the next bestseller is a product that originated from customer demand.


Red Reaper Marinade. - Many customers fell in love with the jerky's flavor and insisted on buying the marinade separately. Therefore, I decided to fulfill their requests. Red Reaper Marinade officially became a product.  This marinade contains no peppers, allowing you to enjoy its taste on any type of meat or fish without the added heat. It consistently sells out as soon as I make it, primarily due to limited batches. However, I have a feeling that limited batches will soon be a thing of the past.

Last but certainly not least, we have,

Red Reaper Salsa - This was actually the very first product I began selling. While it does not have the same widespread popularity as the jerky because I don’t currently sell it in the local bars, those who purchase it absolutely adore it. Like the jerky, the salsa is available in the same heat levels mentioned earlier.

As this is my first venture into managing an ecommerce site, I anticipate there may be some hiccups along the way. Therefore, I kindly request your assistance in testing it by placing an order and providing feedback and share your thoughts on the site and the process.  I'm still working on building up the inventory so if you want to order something that's not available yet, click on the "Notify When Available" button and I'll let you know when it's in stock.  I need to test this function as well.


To express my gratitude for your support, I am offering a special promotion exclusively for the first 25 orders.

Simply use the promo code 2DIE4 during checkout to receive a 10% discount on your order. Additionally, each of these 25 orders will receive a couple of free samples of mild jerky to share with friends and family.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey with Red Reaper Pepper Company. Your continued support and feedback are invaluable as I strive to bring you the best pepper-based products possible.

Please feel free to email me at with your comments and reviews about the products and the website.  I especially want to hear your first words after trying the jerky!

Now!  Go check out Red Reaper Pepper Company!

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